Since 2014, various guitar picks (shape, material, color, size) have appeared under the name Sabverott. For the latest 2020 variants, the material is from the Netherland and Hungary. The design concept is made in  Brasov / Romania ( work of visual artists.)

Product Types: Polycarbonate Sabverott V, Sabverott PJ Woody, and three limited edition copies of the 2020 edition, from the Sabverott Soulguard Guitar Pick series.

Each small package includes a Romanian / English description with the specifics of the guitar pick, a logo sticker.

In 2014, this project started out of own needs. First made of nylon, wood, plastic, then in 2020 analog design was replaced by digital design. The name Sabverott is an anagram, it means nothing. There are currently few pilot versions in stock.  Most of them are made in limited series. Each type is 1,12 -3,28 mm thick and different shape and sound. We work with 3 color types, -  blue, transparent grey, dark purple and black and white. All Picks was made with a good quality material: Resin, Ps-Polistirol, Lexan polycarbonate and Corian.

More info, quality photos about Sabverott Guitarpicks: in Instagram page.

Sabverott Pick models: Blueking, Redkron, T-combo, White X, Biggit Booster, Beba Traces, Black Butter, Bostrich Grater, Dark Violet Wavelegth,  Sussart, Sussart-02 Easy Overlap,  Fragile Slippi Buller, Wissett Wagnum, Tampac Hills, Balcanic Yachter, Fletched Rajja, Overbeck Six Monthy, Purple Heppsler, Iridofor Messaea Orbinus..........

Signature Models: Mr. S, FLO, HoDDba, BZS, Carlan, Simple-B. 

We have Endorsement program too.

This is not a company, not a business, but started as a hobby and pilot project, these picks can be purchased for (25 ron, 1800 Ft, ) 5 euro / piece + postage if you are interested.

Contact by email:

Pictures on Instagram: sabverott

Contact on Facebook: Sabverott


Production: Transilvania - Romania (Brasov)

Sabverott trio team:

Tabala Nimrod (Nimi) patron / product manager-blues lover

VBS Andras (Andrew) visual artist, art teacher - Architecture and design classes in art high school.

VBS Peter (Pepa) graphic designer - logo, badge, sticker maker